Ecommerce Experts

We thrive on innovation.

IdeoClick’s leadership team has been innovating on the forefront of ecommerce for most of the last decade. They’ve worked with hundreds of brands, sold billions of dollars worth of products and understand the formula for success on-line.

Tom Furphy

Tom is known as a thought leader in retail and e-commerce, regularly acting as a special advisor to senior management teams, consulting to equity analysts, presenting at conferences and making investments in emerging technologies.

He first learned to deliver an outstanding customer experience through holding various senior roles at Wegmans Food Markets, where he ultimately led strategy for the company. After Wegmans, he went to Silicon Valley to build a software company and then to to launch and build their CPG businesses.

As Amazon’s VP of Consumables and AmazonFresh, Tom oversaw the transformation of the Health & Beauty business, the launch of the Grocery business and the development of the AmazonFresh local grocery service in Seattle. The experience of launching these businesses, developing several innovative programs such as Subscribe-n-Save and building online strategy with several CPG companies, uniquely qualifies Tom as an expert in e-commerce.

Justin Leigh

As a Sr. Product Manager at and Microsoft, Justin has been responsible for partner recruitment, driving on-line traffic and conversion and deploying on-line content to generate the highest ROI. He is a recognized expert on traffic generation and sales conversion strategies with a deep understanding the primary and emerging website traffic sources.

At IdeoClick he designed and oversaw the build out of a complete ecommerce solution integrating the best practices of the recognized leaders in ecommerce.

He was a key member of the Amazon Grocery launch team where he worked with manufacturers to build programs and integrate their websites and other assets with the Amazon platform and was a key manager of Microsoft’s US launch of Office 2007. Justin knows first-hand what it takes to drive success on-line.

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