IdeoClick Demand Driver™

Extend the Value of Your Brands’ Digital Assets To Influence Search & Marketing on E-retail Platforms

Digital assets include brand websites, ads, Facebook pages, blogs, mobile apps – anywhere that the brand controls the code for a placement. Traffic to a brand’s digital assets is valuable:

  • It is Qualified

    By visiting a brand property, customers demonstrate interest in the brand.

  • It is Intelligent

    Visitor behavior demonstrates an understanding of the brand.

  • It is Relevant

    Visits and clickstream behavior demonstrate purchase intent.

When shared, the concentrated activity from these assets has substantial influence on the merchandising programs of e-tail and omni-channel sites. A must-include in any marketing budget - sharing this data further leverages the traffic that’s already been acquired through existing marketing spend.

Search, Automation & Personalization Delivered

  • Glance Views
  • Purchases
  • Searches
  • Brand Inputs
Demand Driver™
Platform Automation & Personalization
  • Site Placements
    Site Placements

    Widgets will position your products intelligently.

  • Cross Sells
    Recommendations & Cross Sells

    Customers that visit your site and other customers like them will receive marketing messages to drive conversion.