Subscription Selling Platform

Unmatched Vision & Experience

Our Team Conceived, Developed and Rolled Out Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Program

Ideoclick Subscriptions

Building from our Experience & Making it Better

  • Engage your best customers directly
  • Initiate experience from your sites, partner sites, emails or media assets
  • Keep shoppers locked into your brand
  • Pricing and discount configurability allows you to design the program as you’d like – to fit your customers, your products and your goals
  • Full reporting enables you to monitor and maximize the program
  • Access to customer data enables high-impact targeting and marketing
  • Generate customer activity and data to drive the digital path-to-purchase

A High-Impact Marketing Platform

  • Promotional and transactional emails with your best customers
  • Regular replenishment of their favorite items
  • “…of the Month” clubs
  • Assortment boxes – your own “Goodies” or “Birchbox”
  • Targeted sample boxes
  • New item introductions